LAND: Klaki

SEX: Male

Dandy is a dragon that lives in Klaki, handling the task of providing firewood for the Wendin community. One of the first hatchlings, he opened his eyes to find himself in a world upside down, quickly realizing that he was hanging from a tree by his tale. His egg had been left high in the branches of a tree, and when it cracked, he instinctively latched on to one of its limbs and hung swaying in the wind until he recognized what was going on. From that moment forward, being around woodland creatures and the forests that housed them felt like exactly where he was supposed to be.


Dandy has a very powerful tail, strong enough to knock a tree over with just a few swings. As a pup, the ability was quite useful when needing to acquire wood for warmth, and he still often utilizes the skill in his current profession as the primary wood provider and crafter in the Klaki area. He tries not to use his power in front of other dragons, preferring not to show off (or get asked to chop down or plow through things for strangers). Instead, he whiles away his time carving and chopping up timber in a more traditional fashion, using axes he’s learned to craft from the nearby Tutor, Jorye.

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