LAND: Vatten

SEX: Male

Comet is a Vatten dragon who, despite his namesake, spends more time underwater than in the sky. He is a swift swimmer, streaking through the water and plowing himself head-first into the sandy ground, causing everything around him to shake from the force of his impact. Above him, tremendous waves form from his ‘power-diving,’ and his friends often ride the tides of Comet’s earthquakes all the way to shore.


The eyes of Comet have a way of influencing other sea creatures around him, as if having traits of hypnio-osis gifted to him naturally. The ability came to him all at once, and though he isn’t quite sure how it works, he strives to perfect his skills. While he can’t completely control the movements and decisions of those he focuses on, the effect of his stare has been known to make one suddenly feel an impulse to do what he wishes. Fortunately, this usually consists of things like tossing a coral stick through the waves for him to chase or following along with him on a grand adventure through the underwater corridors of Vatten.

As Comet grows older, his hypnio-osis powers could be honed to control those around him for short periods of time, making his abilities quite formidable. Thus far, the only creature he’s been able to summon to do his bidding consistently is a small Kricklecrab named Bubbles. Every time Comet practices his power, focusing all his concentration out into the endless drifts, Bubbles is the only animal that ever answers the call, swimming up to him in a somewhat irritable manner. While Comet can’t completely understand what the crustacean is saying (all he can hear are little grumblings) he’s pretty sure the Kricklecrab was doing something more desirable than being compelled to follow his call. Despite the curious way they found one another, the two have developed a friendly bond, and Bubbles may teach him to focus his skills as time goes by.

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