How to Play Fables of Fyra: The Awakening

The Awakening is a multi-player, open world RPG game set in the universe of Fyra Oyer.

The game features questing, farming, crafting, building and exploring, as well as interactive storytelling from the Fables of Fyra franchise. The game is played with one of multiple dragon characters, either free “elemental dragons” or NFT Dragons. The dragons are tasked with rebuilding the land and discovering the nature of a major disaster that has left only young dragons in the world.

Some players may focus on crafting, or on raising animals, or training as chefs to cook delicious and beneficial dishes. Others may be more focused on the story and wish to pursue one or more of multiple questlines. The game is designed in such a way that not all paths are feasible for a single dragon, and a great moral of the story is how collaboration with others to accomplish goals is important.

The game features NFTs and blockchain integration to grant players optional ownership of in-game assets, characters, and crafted items. Players also have the opportunity to mint and sell their crafted items to playesr in The Awakening or other games in the FoF ecosystem!

How do I get started?

Players can either use a free elemental dragon or existing Fables of Fyra NFT dragons for gameplay to get started.

To participate in the Play-To-Earn aspect of the game, a Player must purchase NFT Land from either Open Sea or the Vulcan Forged Marketplace.

Whether playing on free or NFT land, you will have access to roam around the kingdom of Dreka at will. Explore, farm, and build throughout the entire kingdom, from your home cave (which can be decorated and modified) to the surrounding countryside, all are filled with quests and adventures.


Players can plant seeds to grow crops that are either one-off (cabbage, turnips, etc.) or continuous (trees and bushes). Crops have a growth time and can be harvested when mature by clicking on the item. Players can buy or recruit farm hands that can help collect crops, and parents who have bred can allow their children to work on the farm as well.


To make tools, clothes, food, and buildings, players can craft items. To do so, they will need to collect specified materials, build up required skills, and then research the appropriate recipe or specifications.

Foraging and Fishing

As they traverse through Fyra Oyer, players will forage for gold, unique treasures, and other useful items. The lakes, streams, and rivers are chock full of fish and other creatures that can be caught to assist in quests and other aspects of the game.

Skills and Experience

Players earn experience in skill areas by performing tasks. As their experience increases through accomplishing skill-specific actions, higher-tier items become unlocked that are useful in completing more complex tasks.

Eventually, players who have gained enough experience in the various skills will be able to craft advanced items that can be turned into NFT Items. To do so, they must visit Cave Dragons and offer them $CAVE. NFT Items can then be rented or sold to other players. To achieve the next level in each skill, the player needs to reach the required experience level from the following table:

When players reach the Experienced level in a specific skill, they can choose a specialization. Each base skill has two specialization directions, and only one skill from each base skill can be selected in which to specialize.

Specialization can be reset to another skill, though that will trigger a decrease in the player’s previous specialization. The prior specialization will decrease and continue degradation until it reaches the Beginner level. For example, if a player chooses the smithing specialization and becomes a Master-level smith but then switches to specialize in tailoring, their experience level in smithing will degrade as their tailoring level grows.


While exploring Fyra Oyer, various quests will be encountered that can be completed to earn items, gold, or other rewards. Quests are optional but can provide important benefits to the player. Certain quests, such as tasks to recruit tutor’s and others that unlock new areas within the kingdom. Quests will also be able to be completed together with the new multi-player functionality!

There are (3) types of quests within Fables of Fyra:

  1. Stand Alone Quests: These quests are finished when the player completes the required tasks. In certain cases, these quests can be repeated by the player.

  2. Questline Quests: These quests follow a specific storyline and a storyline consists of multiple quests. While embarking on these quests, a player may learn they need to progress elsewhere such as increasing their skill level or unlocking other areas before being able to complete the entire storyline. Questline Quests are rich in lore and are intended for players that wish to engage more with the back story surrounding the mysteries of Fyra Oyer.

  3. Non-Interactable Quests: A final category of quests is not directly interactable but used within the game to track progress in certain areas. For example, the map fragments quest does not show in the quest dialog but progresses as the player discovers pieces of the map and can trigger rewards or other events based on progress. Furthermore, Non-Interactable Quests can be used to track in-game statistics and track progress across all players to support social events and in-game competitions. These social and in-game competitions will be used to allocate rewards to various players within the ecosystem.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

Non-Player Characters, or NPCs, or an important part of the ecosystem.

In some cases, NPCs are simply going about their daily lives but in other cases they actively interact with the player helping to guide or support them through various quests.

Many of these NPCs are working towards rebuilding the land or investigating what happened to the adults of Fyra Oyer. By interacting with these NPCs, the Player continues to learn more about the past, present, and the potential future of their world.

The Awakening consists of a rich set of NPCs and new characters, animals, and other creatures are added with each update.

Trade and Economy (Non-Crypto “Soft” Currency Economics)

The land is also rich with merchants and commerce opportunities.

A main commerce opportunity are cave dragons. Cave Dragons serve as merchants and quest givers, and beyond their own cave at the border between the Kingdoms of Klaki and Dreka they also are available in other areas throughout the land. Cave Dragons and other merchants are willing to both buy and sells goods to and from the player. They are often greedy, however, and desire to profit as much as possible from their activities.

Therefore, players seeking to build wealth through crafting and selling of items will want to focus on not only creating profitable items but also finding ways to increase their charisma.

The Cave Dragons are also discerning with their clients. In their cave, they have two areas that are available only to players that have either become good customers or that have special privileges. Special privileges are given to NFT land owners (or those that rent NFT Land).

Beyond the dedicated merchants, many NPC characters will also accept trade for specific items.

Finally, player may also be offered hard to find items, high level items, or even one-time opportunities from various merchants. This can include ingredients or components for high level items. For example, the materials needed to craft a high level axe to fell stubborn trees in the Forest of Blargh. In this case, a merchant may be willing to sell the player either the components or the item itself, although at a significantly higher price than it would take the player to craft the item. While purchasing the components or item may save a player time, the player will need to evaluate whether the investment offers a positive return.

Note: As in any economy, merchant prices will fluctuate during the life of the game based on supply, demand, and other factors.

What next?

We are making final touches for launch soon! Stay tuned to our socials for launch dates, early P2E access, and the next land sale!

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