LAND: Eldur

SEX: Female

The steps of the dragon Salana can be heard far and wide, though not because her feet are especially large. Her paws have a certain spring-loaded quality to them, and when she stomps too hard, little earthquakes erupt around her. This ability wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for her unfortunate clumsiness from time to time, as she is still growing into her body and doesn’t know her own strength.

Salana has yet to conjure fire of her own volition, though she has the peculiar capability of doing so every time she sneezes. Coincidentally, her mere steps often cause a cloud of dust to arise that she accidentally breathes in and then releases in a gigantic fluster of flame, much to the detriment of those around her.


Salana isn’t especially afraid to let her confidence show, strutting her tiny neck as high and stiff as possible as she walks. Other dragons have mixed feelings about this, as her attitude comes across as either arrogant or assured, depending on who you ask.

While the power in her paws is still something she cannot completely control, it’s an ability that has come with mixed consequences throughout her family lineage, unbeknownst to her. During the Hoisting of Cliffholt, it was the parents of Salana whose heavy footsteps alerted King Drakon himself to the area. They narrowly escaped his clutches that time, though they wouldn’t be so fortunate soon after.

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