Nonkee the Overachiever

LAND: the area previously known as Drekaland (now Dreka)

SEX: Male

Nonkee was a short, stout dragon that was considered one of the greatest stage performers to have ever lived. In his youth, he was remarkably talented in hyponio-osis, using the skill to enhance his performances of various plays on stage into what seemed like glorious, near-impossible performances of majesty and awe. Over the years, his powers waned, causing him to go to greater lengths to gain the approval of his audience.

His determination to win the favor of a crowd led to the abrupt end of his career, acting out the script to a play that involved the accidental demise of King Jolstin of Tomayto. Drinking actual expired Octomilk (known to be quite poisonous) on stage in order to make the performance as realistic as possible, his adaption was revered as legendary, despite it only being done a single time. Those in attendance state that he passed on with a large smile across his puffy jaws, at peace amongst the cheers from those he wished to impress most.

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