Breh-Kel, Jester of Tomayto

LAND: the area previously known as Drekaland (now Dreka)

SEX: Male

Breh-Kel was the court jester in the Kingdom of Tomayto during the time of King Gharnn. Legend tells of his keeping close watch over Queen Kaytney in his absence, slowly becoming her dearest confidant. After Gharnn disappeared in his infamous quest for Brickle the Fricklefox, Breh-Kel helped console Kaytney through her grief. The two became very close and ended up becoming mates several Yar later.

Breh-Kel was quite the mysterious sort, and there are few descriptions of his physical appearance. It is unknown where he originated, though there are rumors that he was actually Brickle somehow transformed into dragon form, having long sought the love of Kaytney. If true, his plan to lure King Gharnn away was carefully laid-out and long-term in its conception.

It is interesting to note that the dragons known as Gizmo and Gadget may be ancestors to this pairing.

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