Hoisting of Cliffolt

The Hoisting of Cliffolt was a strange phenomenon that occurred upon the reemergence of Drakon and his forces in the far-off islands of Vattenland. The sinking of the land there caused ripples throughout Fyra Oyer, and for the area around the town of Cliffolt, the geography itself raised exponentially. Some say a great creature resides beneath and shifted, causing the upward movement, but nothing has been definitively proven. This “Hoisting” completely obliterated the village, forcing its inhabitants to flee.

Two previous occupants of Cliffolt, the dragon twins known as Antaria and Aerin, witnessed these events while climbing the large tree at the top of what has been since deemed the Hollows of Unbryn-Brinnle. The remains of the town were one of the first visited by Drakon himself, along with many of his Dark Cave Dragons. He might have passed it by were it not for the loud clattering and footsteps of several dragons in the area attempting to hide (rumored to be the parents of the dragon Salana), and his further investigation led to a chain of events recorded in the Journals of Sucatras.

At present time, Cliffolt is a series of mountains whose trees forever hold shades of red and orange, connected by a series of bridges.

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