LAND: Dreka

SEX: Female

Lavender is a peculiar little dragon from Dreka that often gets misunderstood by her peers. Whether from her sly sort of grin or the way her eyes look as if she seemingly knows something important, she sometimes is kept out of the loop of others’ conversations. While not outwardly mysterious or attempting to make anyone feel uncomfortable, her little giggle leads some to think Lavender is just a little more “in the know” about things than she really is. It probably doesn’t help that she’s a speedy dragon, swooshing away as if gliding without her paws ever touching the ground, sometimes leaving a chat right in the middle of things! Truth be told, Lavender just happens to be very imaginative- her noggin is always on another adventure, happier living in the future in her mind rather than the present of her body.


Lavender’s speed isn’t accidental, as she’s learned how to flip her tail forward from underneath as she scampers about, lifting her physically off the surface as if prancing with an extra limb entirely. She’s learned how to maneuver her back appendage in a way far beyond others, as if it were meant to be another arm at one point. Lavender can grab things and scratch her nose with great dexterity, and the added control adds to her ability to traverse difficult terrain. While perhaps not the most advanced power, one would be surprised how useful she has made this skill. She’s always willing to lend an extra hand (or tail!) when necessary.

As she grows older, many of Lavender’s fellow dragons could become envious of the advanced abilities in her tail. When confronted, she has one extra bit of strength and grappling capability in her arsenal, while most consider their back-end a rather useless appendage, save for balancing. She increases her speed by at least 1/4th and can walk forward while spinning in complete circles as she approaches- a disturbing image indeed! Looking like a bigger Octoflorf than a dragon, enemies might be wary of the strange sight and flee before finding out differently.

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