Fiddlecakes are a simple but very fattening dessert, and recipes have been found all across Fyra Oyer. Yukio, for instance, is quite fond of them, and it often causes him rapid spikes in weight. One more colorful recipe had the following song scrawled with it that some have taken to reciting loudly while preparing to eat their fiddlecakes:
Fiddlecakes! Fiddlecakes! High up to the sky!
Eat them up! Yes I will! Until a mile high!
Muck-a-muck, I’ll ducka-duck, to get some, yes I will!
And grow bigger than Chuck-a-Pluck, until I eat my fill!
It’s unknown who Chuck-a-Pluck refers to, possibly some legend or fairy tale lost to the ages. Dragons have started making their own newer references as his being the ultimate fiddlecake chef, referring to him when asking another out to eat. As in, “I hear ol’ Chuck-a-Pluck is makin’ some cakes, want to go?”