(And his counterpart, Naresi)

LAND: Klaki

SEX: Male

Iseran is a dragon from Klaki whose abilities have advanced drastically as he's grown. Like most, his talents revealed themselves slowly as he matured, though they weren't much different from others around him. He could glow a deep purple in the dark, helping him see even in the bleakest night, and his teeth and claws grew sharp and thin, helpful in tearing through obstacles in short order. While it appeared Iseran was destined to grow into a dragon with valuable attributes, he didn't display any traits particularly unusual from other dragons.

Fate, or perhaps something else entirely, decided he would be much more unique.

As Iseran would later tell his friends, things changed for him quite unexpectedly. On a day that seemed random (but that would later become attributed to quite a few anomalies across Fyra Oyer), Iseran was dusting frost from some bricklebushes, knowing the dangers of letting them remain in the cold too long. He found himself suddenly blown off his paws by a tremendous wind, tossing him like a bundle of Juni Leaves into a snowbank. Regaining his composure, Iseran surveyed the area, musing over how nothing else had been taken for a windy ride but him.

What in the world was that? he thought to himself.

Just then, Iseran heard something different in his head, a voice he didn't recognize.

Congratulations, it said, replying to his silent question. You are now part of an elite few!

He shook his head, then thought another random bit of think-thought.

Who are you? Iseran asked himself. The voice, calm and deliberate, responded once more.

Well, let's make it easy, it said. You can call me Naresi- just say your name backwards!

From that moment forward, Iseran would never be the same.


While Iseran always drew immediate attention due to his spirited nature and tendency to play practical jokes, he hid feelings of deep insecurity that often stifled him throughout his youth. His friends all loved his personality from the start, seeing his true potential even when he didn't. When Naresi arrived, everything changed- Iseran no longer had feelings of anxiety to hold him in place. Whenever he felt self-doubt, the companion in his head built him up and made him feel stronger. According to him, if ever he thought a task difficult to achieve on his own, he relied on his inner partner to help him succeed, convinced he didn't have to do it alone.

If the existence of Naresi was ever in question, the new set of attributes that developed as he arrived made doubting difficult. The dragon began to grow more adept at gliding, and displayed new tricks as if being trained by someone nobody could see. His nose, already somewhat sensitive due to his higher nostrils, grew more poised, picking up even minuscule scents from far away. Of course, as nobody but Iseran knows if Naresi actually exists- it's always possible he made him up to boost his confidence, giving him someone to lean on for support internally. His powers could have naturally expanded as he grew older, and he is known to be quite the practical joker. Iseran isn't simply himself anymore- he is his own dynamic duo.

As time went on, Iseran and Naresi grew into a confident and powerful dragon. While the two mostly got along, each had separate anomalies. For example, whenever Iseran tried to deceive any of his fellow dragons (whether in jest or otherwise), his eyes would glow the same sheen of purple his body took in the darkness of the evening, instantly giving any untruths away. In the past, Iseran utilized the sharpness of his fangs in a calm and controlled manner, though after Naresi arrived, it became more of a frenzy. His previously-focused chomping turned into a wild gnashing of white teeth as if he himself were a whirlwind. Over time, all of Iseran's abilities (both new and old) demonstrated themselves with increased fervor. While things never got out of control, he became a tornado of power when demonstrating his abilities. Whenever Iseran is ready to strike, everyone knows to stand a reasonable distance away!

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