Kaytney, Queen of Tomayto

LAND: the area previously known as Drekaland (now Dreka)

SEX: Female

Once the Queen of Tomayto, she was betrothed to the ill-fated King Gharnn. The two were never quite phenomenal together, merely fine, and she spent a good deal of time during his reign waiting for him to return from various hunts, adventures, and things that didn’t include her.

When Gharnn disappeared seemingly for good during his quest to capture Brickle the Fricklefox, Kaytney found herself in overwhelming turmoil. Shortly before her mate vanished, she’d lost their two sons in an unfortunate carriage debacle. In her grief, she turned to an individual that quickly became her closest confidant- the kingdom’s court jester. A peculiar sort, he was goofy but charming, mysterious (she didn’t truly know what he looked like for some time, always concealing his face behind a mask) and kind. When suddenly the entire kingdom became hers to rule, it was with him that she grew closest to from that point forward.


Eventually, Kaytney and her enigmatic friend known to her as Breh-Kel wed, becoming a powerful couple. The two brought more success to Tomayto than it had received for many generations, mainly through their widespread distribution of crops and foods native to the area, including their recipe for Chimmybrew. Their rule lasted many Yar, and it is unknown who led after their reign, only that Tomayto fell to ruin after Drakon’s first attack.

The river that flows just east of the kingdom and the lake it empties into was named in remembrance of the queen. Though not officially proven, the dragons known as Gizmo and Gadget are thought to be descendants of the pairing of Kaytney and her second mate.

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