The Eliza

Captain Skagg aboard The Eliza (otherwise known as the Ferry of Skag)
The Eliza, the boat docked at Skag point Port, was constructed long ago and has been known by many names. The oldest and most accurate information was that a couple from Haal bought it in tribute to their lost daughter, a dragon named Elizabeeth that used to sneak aboard at night with her friends and travel to the Island of Anemarols. When she became known as one of “The Lost Three,” her parents took over the area and named the boat The Eliza in her memory. It was handed down through that family from then on, with Captain Skagg eventually taking over the duties after the Purge of King Drakon rendered it abandoned. It is currently utilized to take travelers across the Sea of Vatten to the three remaining islands.
Elizabeeth of Haal