LAND: Eldur

SEX: Male

Spudfire is a male dragon that wanders the lava-brimmed rivers of Eldur. A quiet pup, he loves exploring his land, especially at night when the glow from all the fire and molten rock makes everything orange (which is his favorite color). Other dragons have commented how his eyes look like little crescent moons, which he says is probably due to his staying out so late and staring up at the sky. He feels much more at ease retreating to a cave to sleep the daytime hours away, feeling like Eldur comes more alive once the sun has retreated into the horizon.


One ability Spudfire has is that when he concentrates really hard, tiny little bumps rise from his scales that emit little puffs of fire. His pals playfully tell him he is similar to a living Ween-Tayto, with little eyes growing off him like a spud, and thus he forever has been known as Spudfire. His powers aren’t merely for play however, as he’s often called upon when the need to venture to the icy realm of Klaki has come about. Working as a living furnace, Spudfire can quickly light and heat up a cave with his fiery skin, though he has to be careful that nothing in the vicinity is flammable.

As he grows older, Spudfire could concentrate on controlling his abilities for use in ways beyond simple heat or light. If in a fix, the skill of bursting great fireballs from one’s scales could be immensely helpful, acting like a walking eruption of starfire. The action of doing so does wear him out though, so should he ever be taught to better manage his powers, he must learn how to do so without completely exhausting himself.

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