LAND: Vatten

Loch-Sharcs are the dominant creature in the Sea of Vatten, slender and dangerous. Their fins point backward while their tail moves in the opposite direction, which at first would seem counterintuitive. The reversed fashion of its body helps it remain in one spot for long periods of time, moving it but going in neither direction as it scans the area for prey. Frequently, its food will come to it, unassuming the danger of the Loch-Sharc due to its odd manner of swimming yet going nowhere. At that point, the Loch-Sharc utilizes its dual jaw system- it has a mouth on both ends to capture its meal from either side. Additionally, it can tuck its side fins in when it wishes and propel itself forward like a missile. Keeping both mouths open as it swims, the drag of the water is significantly reduced. This allows it to shoot itself out at its target at extreme speeds, swallowing and closing both mouths around its victim before it realizes what has happened.

While they’ve been known to terrorize Nits near the Sea of Vatten, they have an alliance with Loch-Skags, traveling the Wendin Canals to congregate near Klaki. Being the apex predator of the sea has made it a surprisingly playful animal when not hungry, and the grins it has on its jaws often leads to creatures underestimating its ferociousness. The dragon known as Aquadra can take on the appearance of a Loch-Sharc to avoid danger, though she is one of the few that may have a chance of escaping the jaws of this fearsome beast.

There are many ways to cook Loch-Sharc, and it is a tasty delicacy amongst dragons. It can be pickled in a jar or grilled, though the difficulty (and danger) in capturing one makes fishing for it unadvisable.

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