LAND: Dreka

SEX: Female

KarrotKake is a very independent dragon, always inquisitive and ready for adventure. While she has numerous friends, she is most often content with finding her own way, meeting new and interesting characters along her journeys through Fyra Oyer. Though based in Dreka, she prides herself in being well-traveled, always looking for others she can meet and train to do useful things. Well-rounded in most subjects, she enjoys teaching, very much believing in working hard to hone one’s skills (and that there’s no reason it can’t be fun at the same time). You shouldn’t be surprised if one of her requests includes not only getting certain ingredients or treasure, but to deliver it while hopping on one foot or swirling in circles as you deliver it! She always seems to have a quest or project in mind to challenge others with.

One of the main hobbies this dragon enjoys is baking and learning new things to cook. While her true name was either never given or is a secret known only to her, she has embraced the moniker of KarrotKake completely. Some say she has an extra-special sniffer, and if somebody starts cooking and the smells take to the air, they could suddenly get a visit from KarrotKake for help!


KarrotKake has a few unique traits that seem more prevalent than in other dragons. Her cooking skills often result in stews and cakes that have peculiar qualities. Rumor has it that she can concoct recipes that give you an extra boost of that little thing you need when consumed. The things she makes are in high demand- you might find them being sold by merchants, or you could be lucky enough to acquire the recipes from KarrotKake herself.

She has an adept sense of knowing when and where her skills might be helpful, popping up randomly when something needs an explanation. Priding herself as a walking history book on Fyra Oyer in general, she has first-hand knowledge of nearly every locale and often instructions on getting there (or at least hints). Be wise, though- if KarrotKake warns of somewhere not to visit, you should heed her advice!

A great deal of the knowledge KarrotKake garnered is due to her close relationship with the dragon Sucatras. She assists him in training the next generation of dragons on the history of Fyra Oyer and how to grow stronger. She hopes that someday her pupils may take on the forces of Drakon and restore the land to its former glory. KarrotKake has alluded to having trained with Sucatras in using the Powers of Old- ancient ways that dragon ancestors from long ago mastered. What these are, only time will tell.

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