LAND: Klaki

SEX: Female

Khione is a short little dragon that skips along the icy plains of Klaki. A playful pup, she very much enjoys chasing around her friends, though she has advantages beyond what she realizes. Shoving her tiny paws into the icy ground, her claws have adapted themselves to where they bond with the frozen terrain in a most peculiar fashion. Turning a deep blue, the snow around them begins to react as if part of the little dragon herself- if she runs across the chilly ground, the ground shifts with her, moving her body at great speeds. The ice below her feet springs her from far below when she jumps, bounding her to great heights. Whether sliding, skating, or even making snowballs, her talents in her homeland of Klaki make her very unique.


The most ironic thing about Khione is that she gets cold quite easily, having to find shelter when the weather or terrain is frigid for too long. While her powers have unknown potential when in the bleak tundra of Klaki, they are limited due to her inability to handle the chilly temperatures for too long. As she grows, she’ll need to either adapt to the frigid weather or plan out when and how to use her skills with great care.

Rumor has it that Khione has befriended an Engranging Gannuck, whom she calls Roobic. As Gannucks are notoriously private and so seldomly seen that they are often considered a myth, Khione’s relationship with the beast is a rare thing. Some dragons have reported watching her and Roobic having incredible snowball fights. With Khione’s ability to generate tremendous spheres of ice and hurl them at incredible speeds, and the Gannuck’s sheer physical strength to create and throw monumental ones itself, the sight is a jaw-dropping one. Should she continue to be in contact with Roobic as she grows, he could become a powerful ally in her search for her parents.

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