LAND: Dreka

SEX: Male

Podgy is a dragon from Dreka that is completely different in appearance from one hour to the next, changing size as the day progresses. When he wakes in the morning, his body is extremely skinny despite the roundness of his larger-sized head, looking a little silly as he teeters and wobbles around hunting for food. Fortunately for him, he doesn’t have to search for long, as he can consume everything in sight, from a pile of hay to a pound of rocks, clearing a distinct path with his voracious appetite. Once he’s digested as much as possible, his tail begins shaking rapidly, and he lets forth one monumental bit of bellowing- GLORRRP! Bouncing from his jaws comes a large, shiny object, rolling along the ground as he grins with delight. Thin and scrawny once more, Podgy repeats the process, smiling along the way.


While Podgy’s wings aren’t the strongest, the row of horns down the center of his head makes him a digging machine on land. Additionally, as he can eat a trail through generally anything, little ever stands in his way. This leaves his presence not easily hidden, however - you’ll always know Podgy was around when you see glittering gold Glorps along your path!

As Podgy grows, he could apply his digging prowess to excavate trenches to traverse terrain from underneath. One additional strategy he could utilize is to focus his Glorping. With patience, he could learn to stack them in succession to either close larger spaces or climb over obstacles.

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