LAND: Eldur

SEX: Male

Gizmo from Eldur is one of the more welcoming dragons you’ll meet. He’s always interested in making new friends, though sometimes too quickly, as he has trouble remembering names and often gets them mixed up. Whenever he finds himself losing track of such information, he’ll blurt out phrases that make little sense (‘Nom nom!’ is a favorite of his), preferring to confuse versus hurt the feelings of others with his forgetfulness. Fortunately for him, goofiness is an endearing quality, and few can stifle a smile when around him. Gizmo is frequently sought after to raise spirits when others are down, even in the darkest of moments.


Gizmo has a posture that is quite unique and eye-catching. When he feels the need, he can suck in incredible amounts of air at one time, rapidly expanding his body into a ball-like form. Bouncing and spinning at tremendous speeds, he can adequately face down a worthy adversary or skirt his way to safety if need be. If ever in his way, rolling over you is the least of your worries when messing with Gizmo; as he inflates, little spikes emerge from each of his tiny freckles, all of which are toxic to the touch. If that weren’t enough, he can eject them with great force, shooting the barbs outward, including the horns on his head if necessary! Each regenerates slowly, so it isn’t a power he uses often, but is quite an effective deterrent when in the midst of battle.

Gizmo has taken great pride in relaying to others that there’s royal blood flowing through his veins. Despite his having no way of gaining such information, he tells stories of his history as if having firsthand knowledge beyond his means. Long before the invasion of King Drakon and during a time of peace and tranquility, one of his distant relatives was a court jester in the mighty Kingdom of Tomayto. Day in and day out, Queen Kaytney found herself seeking the entertainment of an amusing squire named Breh-Kel, as her mate King Gharnn was often hunting for Fricklefox, lollygagging with members of his collective, or busy performing other kingly duties. Feeling neglected, lonely, and bored, she grew closer with the young dragon, who consistently brought a smile to her snout. One day, word came that a Fricklefox (known to be quite clever) had turned the tide on the King, tricking him into a situation from which the mighty dragon wasn’t expected to return. Stricken with grief, the Queen turned to her only friend, the jester that listened and remained by her side as she wept. As time passed, they grew closer and became mates. The two sired a new generation and bloodline that continued, eventually leading to the birth of happy-go-lucky Gizmo.

Of course, that goofy dragon from Eldur can be quite the storyteller, known to embellish from time to time...

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