LAND: Dreka

Known as clever and tricky when eluding capture, Fricklefox are desert animals with bright, yellow fur and white streaks down the middle. Their natural coloring helps them blend in against their habitats and, when they desire, can reflect the sun, taking on the appearance of little balls of light bouncing off the sandy surface. It is rumored they can speak (and quite eloquently at that), though choose not to unless under extreme situations. Each has a name that rhymes with their breed, and one well-known story tells of a Fricklefox named Brickle who tricked the king of Tomayto into hunting him to the edge of a tremendous waterfall. The animal was able to turn the tide on the king, confusing him by using a Bricklebush (which was named for the creature thereafter), resulting in his royal highness plummeting into oblivion. Another rumor persists that a large pod of the creatures were involved in the initial trapping of Drakon and his minions beneath Drekaland long ago.

Fricklefox subsist on a diet of Tree-Flarks, Little Smokies, and other small creatures. They live primarily in the more desert-like areas and cliffs of Dreka, though they have been known to wander farther when the mood strikes.

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