LAND: Dreka

SEX: Male

Bleu is an imposing sort of pup- even though he is one of the larger dragons in general, something about him makes others feel as if they are in the presence of a creature double or triple the size. He commands a sort of reverence even in his youth, and wherever he goes, he's instantly considered the alpha before even uttering a growl. In reality, Bleu is quite friendly and has no clue why everyone treats him with instant awe, but the positive attention makes him feel proud and fortunate. In turn, he puffs out his chest and stands tall as he tromp-kalomps onto any given scene.


Over time, Bleu hears the rumors of his commanding strength and presence everywhere he goes, and though he relishes the admiration, isn't sure exactly why they continue. He knows he is strong- he can shake a Boobletree free of Flarks with his bare paws, but nobody has ever seen him do it. He feels the ground tremble as he walks, his mighty claws vibrating the soil below with each step, but few are ever close enough to notice. Regardless, his mere shadow stretching across the landscape upon his arrival draws amazement. As he grows older, he refrains from even standing as tall, preferring to curl up in a warm ball upon reaching his destination and taking a nap amongst dragons that merely want to be in his presence. Popularity has its perks, and while Bleu never desires such status nor portrays any inflated ego, he enjoys feeling consistently safe and cared for by those around him.

One secret Bleu never let out (or even learned) until reaching adulthood was that he had the ability to control the appearance of his shadow. He started paying closer attention to the reverberations he caused with his paws, how when he focused (and really, even when he did not), he could manipulate the ground around him in a manner that made his darkened form seem more significant. It turned out to be the reason behind all the attention he'd received, drawing his shadow across the landscape without even knowing it and giving his body the appearance of a dragon much larger than he actually was. Lucky for him, his natural strength and stature sold the illusion throughout the years. As he becomes a full-grown dragon, control of this power might come in quite handy; as foes come in all sizes, having enemies feel as if they've lost the battle before it's even started is a definite benefit.

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