Augino the Mighty

LAND: the area previously known as Eldurland (now Eldur)

SEX: Male

Augino was a dragon on Eldurland, living in a small house and farm not far from the village of Eventry. A simple but adept farmer, he used the spike protrusions on his tail to dig deep into the soil, tilling the land with expert efficiency. Though he tended to be the quiet type, he was never one to turn down an invitation for a Chimmybrew with his friend Sucatras after a long day's work.

Even before gaining the surname of "The Mighty," Augino was known for his quickness of wit and ability to strategize innovative techniques to complete tasks. One such example was his ability to not only communicate with Dragaroos but somehow convince them to work his farm in exchange for sharing the food and shelter it provided. While others sometimes questioned his methods when out of earshot, his inventiveness led to bounties most could only view with distinct envy.


While walking the shores near his home on a fine, sunny afternoon, Augino caught the eye of a female by the name of Camastriere. Seeing that he appeared to have a great deal of empty land on his property, she asked if he wouldn't mind letting her build a garden there. She especially liked to grow Ween-Taytos, and her smaller home in nearby Eventry didn't have the proper space for such things. She offered him half of whatever grew in exchange, and it was a deal he readily accepted not so much for the spare produce, but that he was smitten at first sight.

Augino and Cam became close as they worked that garden, and eventually, Augino asked her to be his mate. She happily accepted and moved into the farm with him, ultimately raising a pup of their own while looking forward to a quiet life of growing old together.


When the dragon Lauriman reached the shores near his farm, warning him of an impending attack by the forces of Drakon, Augino knew he had to act quickly. After informing the residents of Eldurland of the approaching horde, he enacted a plan that helped save countless others from danger. Utilizing the strength of the Dragaroos that had become his loyal companions, Augino single-handedly fought off the invading forces of Phinneas the Donkle and his army of Dark Cave Dragons. Defeating his enemy using both his quick wit and a might that surprised even him, Augino was able to save the lives of his family and the residents of Eventry. Unfortunately, the battle left the land scarred, and the damage he physically sustained was too much for him to endure.


A statue of Augino is all that remains in Eldur, along with the ruins of Eventry. His sacrifice directly influenced the Meeting of the Few, and he is affectionately referred to in legend as Augino the Mighty.

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