LAND: the area previously known as Drekaland (now Dreka)

SEX: Male

Bhlarg was the first-born son of King Jolstin, ruler of Tomayto, passed over for the crown in favor of his brother, Gharnn. This decision made him a very bitter dragon, and he left his home sone into adulthood to seek new adventures. He was said to be quite inquisitive, eager to investigate the inner mysticism surrounding the various lands, often relaying outlandish stories as fact despite their more fantastic elements. He was convinced, for instance, that Fyra Oyer was an actual dragon itself, one that was merely sleeping, since overgrown and concealed.

“Or something like that,” he liked to say, which became a bit of a catch-phrase for him.


When the rumors regarding King Gharnn’s unfortunate Fricklefox incident reached him, Bhlarg went out in search of his brother. While evidence shows he camped in the area now known as Gharnn Falls, what happened to him afterward is unknown. Many rumors and tall tales have swirled about his destiny, one of which being that he ran afoul of an Engranging Gannuck (though such beasts are rumored to prefer snowier regions). Another tells of how he either followed or was taken to the nearby woods by some other elusive creature, with whom he played a game of chance that ended with Bhlarg never being able to leave the forest’s confines again. Remnants of his camp still remain, and it’s said that a fire burns mysteriously on certain nights as if the specter of Bhlarg camps there to this day. Some claim to hear his influence in the trees themselves. The irony of his disappearance so geographically close to where his brother disappeared has been ripe for writers and their lullabies.

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