Beest of Gladd

LAND: Klaki (rumored)

SEX: Female

The Beest of Gladd was a part of the initial troop that wreaked havoc across Fyra Oyer during the initial appearance of Drakon, King of Gloom. While her true identity is unknown, she was part of Drakon’s initial group that destroyed several villages and kingdoms, including most of the town of Haal. She traveled with the battalion to an area in the southern part of the Ravening where Drakon was sealed into a cavern along with Phinneas the Donkle, though how or why is uncertain. The Beest then disappeared to parts unknown, remaining hidden for many Yar.


When Drakon reemerged and sunk Vattenland, he quickly rallied his previous forces, including the Beest. The group picked up where they left off, going town to town wreaking havoc, though it's unclear what the Beest's role in this was. Some say that she was King Drakon's mate, or possibly betrothed to him yet never paired. Other rumors state Drakon left her for another dragon, but the truth has yet to be fully revealed.

As the next generation has grown, the standing rumor is that she resides in an area high in the Stoufdan Mountains. Deep within a glacial crevice known as Gladd (from which she has been given her current moniker), her cries echo through the snowy hilltops. This wailing is said to be the cause of avalanches in the area, and the ice that comes from them vibrates. It's not yet known what role the Beest will have going forward, whether she is friend, foe, or something in-between.

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