LAND: Dreka

SEX: Female

Wyvernie is one of the more awkward dragons in her community, with tiny forepaws and abnormally large wings for her stature. Despite having a more stout body, she considers herself delicate, always concerned she’ll be injured, and yelps at the slightest bump. As a result, she relegates herself to watching her friends roughhouse versus joining in, and tends to chores that require less physical strength. She’s often found herself drawn to the forest, darting between the trees and interacting with wildlife of the smaller variety. She eventually befriends a pack of Dragaroos, feeling mightier in their presence, a stark contrast to her place with the other dragons.

Though her larger wings were challenging to control as a youngster, Wyvernie learns to flutter and glide from tree to tree with relative ease. Eventually, she can pop between branches quicker and with less effort than most, gaining extra Juni Fruit others can’t snag as readily.


Wyvernie’s reluctance to play with other dragons her age isn’t wholly due to feelings of inadequacy or clumsiness but because of an incident that occurred not long after her birth. One morning, as she was out hunting around the brush and undergrowth for food and other treasures, she came face-to-face with her first Dragaroo. Startled, they both jumped in the air, and the critter accidentally came in contact with the featherlike growths on Wyvernie’s head, instantly stunning and rendering it unconscious. It was a power unknown to her and she sat sobbing, trying to wake up the tiny creature as it sat motionless in her paws. Luckily, the beast came to and ran away, but left Wyvernie in fear of anyone getting close ever again. The memory continued to haunt her enough to where she sought out the neighboring Dragaroos to make amends. In doing so, she became close to their species, playing many games of Vomacka together, always careful to keep her distance.

Despite being clumsy as a pup, Wyvernie eventually learns how to properly use her wings, becoming quite the accomplished flier. Additionally, her stun power develops in her tail and the horn upon her snout as well, and she figures out how to control the strength of the shock inflicted. Such an ability could be useful in future situations when it may not be necessary to vanquish an enemy versus immobilizing them long enough to either escape or attain victory in a more passive manner.

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