LAND: Dreka

SEX: Male

Speaking distinctly in rhyme, Unbryn-Brinnle is a dragon that lurks in the Hollows named after him in Dreka. Forever trying to lure in adventurers with tests of riddles and quizzical stories, he is a very dangerous beast that is best avoided. Initially appearing at the same time as Drakon, he took part in both his initial siege and the Purge that followed. While apparently content being a complacent trooper for the Gloom King, the devastation wreaked by Unbryn-Brinnle is unmatched. Considered to be the individual with the most direct responsibility for gathering most land-based residents of Fyra Oyer and leading them to parts unknown, he is fully and utterly allegiant to his master.


While the origin of Unbryn-Brinnle isn’t known, rumors persist that he may be related to a dragon that went missing by the name of Bryn-Brinn from Haal. Part of a young group called the Boobaloo Few, Bryn was friends with a dragon named Elizabeeth that had constructed a fiddle from the tree of Anemarols. Often playing it for the troop, it calmed them through rough times of their teenblaze years. In an unknown twist of events, the fiddle became corrupted upon Drakon’s appearance and came under the possession of Unbryn-Brinnle. The previously majestic music made by the instrument became a kind of weapon, as he used it to somehow kidnap a great deal of the population of Fyra Oyer.

Since Drakon’s subsequent disappearance, Unbryn-Brinnle lurks amongst the next generation of dragons. Interestingly, he is responsible for renaming the various lands of Fyra Oyer into their simpler monikers of Eldur, Klaki, Dreka, and Vatten, though how that came about has yet to be revealed. Currently, he waits for the return of his master, patiently staying hidden… unless you fall prey to his trap of riddles.

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