(Otherwise known as Phinne-Ash)

LAND: Eldur

SEX: Male

Ash is from Eldur, where he enjoys skipping from rock to rock nimbly over bubbling rivers made of lava. He especially likes to hang out around Phinneas Pass near a small, rocky bridge few know exists, pretending he is a fearsome creature named Phinne-Ash (as he has no idea who Phinneas really was) that guards the area against passersby. Chasing imaginary trespassers, he growls a squeaky roar, bounding down the Donkle River to scare away all that would dare invade his territory! In all actuality, he is a pleasant little pup, though his imagination often runs wild. His favorite fantasy is to daydream of becoming a mature dragon, stomping along the craggy cliffs, and demanding respect from all that dare come near. Of course, he might simply invite them into a nearby cave instead to share a Chimmybrew while snorting out big puffs of smoke as they laugh.


Ash is still developing his powers, thinking he has many more abilities than he has. In his head, he billows out huge firestorms from his jaws, though in reality, all that comes out are puffs of smoke and strange wisps of grainy powder. While far from the burst of flame he’d prefer, he can generate large amounts of these sooty clouds to help conceal himself amongst the dingy, blackened land of Eldur, along with others when he chooses. His name comes from this power, as one should always be mindful if they spot a whisping mist made of dark ash, as there might be a dragon lurking within!

Due to his powers of smoke, Ash has long been the hide-and-seek champion amongst dragons in Fyra Oyer. As he grows, he may learn how to use this ability to help hide himself should the need arise in battle, and as a deterrent or trap. While flicking his large, blueish ears, he is able to blow the ashen smoke in whichever direction he wishes, whether into the face of an enemy or above any larger holes he wishes to conceal, slowing down pursuers as they plummet into a shrouded crevice. If his personality remains as hit currently is, he’ll likely turn around to face his would-be-combatants as they stumble, exclaiming, “I AM PHINNE-ASH THE GREAT, AND YOU SHALL NOT ASH!

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