LAND: Vatten

A Snip-Mite is a tiny insect known for cutting (or ‘snipping’) the hairs from creatures to devour at their leisure. Each leg/foot has scissor-like pincers that can flatten for them to stand or cut when required. They have a large population- if you find one snip-mite on you, there are likely ten others you can’t see.

Preferring more coastal regions of Fyra Oyer, they were thought to be possibly extinct upon the sinking of Vattenland upon Drakon’s emergence. As the new islands of Vatten have risen, so have the snip-mites, returning to the environments it so prefers. Though not visually appealing, residents have created a soup with them. With a flavor that is said to be an “acquired taste,” it was written about in a song by Bryn-Brinn of Haal called “The Boobaloo Stew.”

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