Aye - Aye

LAND: Dreka

SEX: Female

Aye-Aye is a dragon whose differences have been both a strength and hindrance to her. While her subtle peculiarities have made others uncomfortable from time to time, she uses her uniqueness to her benefit whenever possible. With her giant ears, she can hear murmurs of sound that elude the other dragons, though only the most attentive can perceive the whispers from her tiny lips. There are even rumors she can see in the dark, which could explain why she roams as comfortably through the night as she does the day.


Despite being a bit of an outcast, she has grown appreciative of life on her own, finding her abilities both freeing and powerful over time.

Legend has it that many of the dragons’ unique abilities and traits manifested due to where their eggs were hidden. With many laid and then concealed in haste before their outer shells had completely solidified, some eggs took on different shapes and sizes depending on their surroundings. As a result, the tiny creatures inside formed differently, creating physical characteristics and abilities previously unseen in dragon lore. Aye-Aye is a prime example of such an occurrence, as her egg rolled between two tight rocks, becoming thinner in some places and expanding in others before toughening. Her ears grew large and able to pick up even the slightest murmur, though her snout was nearly nonexistent. Tiny pinholes developed before she’d cracked free, resulting in small purple freckles across her skin that shimmer in the moonlight. The sheen from the tiny birthmarks helps guide her along darkened hills and valleys, piercing through the inky blackness of night. Aye-Aye uses every unique feature to her advantage regardless of how her gifts have made her seem to others, as they would be keen to respect her abilities.

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