LAND: Dreka

SEX: Male

Zeekeez is a loyal friend and the life of the party. What he lacks in intelligence, he more than makes up in spunk. This little guy will stick with you and have you laughing all the way. Hanging out and playing with his sister is his greatest joy.


You might find yourself in for a surprise if you look closer at Zeekeez, noticing that he lacks a full set of teeth. His peculiar smile is the result of one of his defense mechanisms, as he can scoop up pebbles and stones into his mouth and melt them down using an acid-like mixture that coats his tongue. If threatened, he can spit this burning concoction out at anyone that may be instigating trouble. Over time, the ability has worn away most of his young chompers, leaving him with a very wide and unique grin. Don’t stand too close to Zeekeez when he’s had a meal of rocks, for his drool can make for a sizzling experience!

While Zeekeez enjoys being the center of attention, he often isn’t aware of the powerful horns on his head. When he gets excited, he frolics in circles, dancing around with glee but leaving a small path of destruction in his wake if he isn’t careful. Between the strength of his plated skull and scorching spittle, a celebration with Zeekeez can leave quite a mark on the terrain.

As he ages, Zeekeez’s voice will likely become much deeper than other dragons due to the particularly toxic makeup of his defensive abilities. Even in his youth, his soulful wail already attracts attention, though his adult roar will truly be a marvel to witness. In the meantime, his suave growl and acidic abilities won’t hurt his attracting a mate.

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