LAND: the island previously known as Vattenland (now Vatten)

SEX: Female

Lauriman is a dragon from the island previously known as Vattenland. The creative sort, she loved spending days sitting on the shores near her home writing stories geared towards younger dragon pups. Though underground quakes were common in the area, a colossal crevice opened up one day in front of her. Investigating, she was the first to bear witness to the rise and subsequent escape of the Gloom King Drakon and his minions. His emergence came after being trapped deep in the caverns below Fyra Oyer for countless Yar, excavating the ground to where it began collapsing under its own weight, freeing him.

As the small continent crumbled to bits, Lauriman tried to rescue as many of her friends and the surrounding population as possible. The waves soon became too much for her to bear, and she swam in the direction of (what was then known as) Eldurland. Collapsing on its beaches, she came into the care of the dragons known as Augino and Sucatras. As she rested, she relayed what happened to Vattenland and warned that Drakon’s forces would soon be approaching them as well. Because of her warnings, Augino and the residents of Eventry were able to prepare and hold off the forces of Phinneas the Donkle successfully, though at great cost.


It is largely unknown what happened to Lauriman after she left Augino’s care. She was intent on returning to what remained of her home to take up the battle anew, though whether or not she made it back is a mystery. Not long after, Augino’s widow Camastriere enacted the Meeting of the Few, though Lauriman’s presence was not recorded at the event. It’s possible she was captured along with the remaining population of Fyra Oyer, though if judging by her spunk alone, it seems likely her story is far from over.

Over time, several land masses have since risen from the depths. Drakon Island is denoted as the area Lauriman first encountered the Gloom King, and a small red pond marks the spot he emerged. Additionally, a new tropical inlet that has since appeared was named Lauriman Isle in honor of her heroics.

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