LAND: Dreka

SEX: Female

Xork is a bit of a whirling dervish, literally. Her body took on a strange shape due to her egg enduring a few tumbles before she was born, though she’s quite fond of her uniqueness. A good deal of her powers remain undeveloped, but she is one of the few dragons who has learned to make actual weapons and tools independently. Alone and believing herself stuck in a strange environment for several Yar before emerging into the real world, Xork is a bit up in her own head, unsure of her status as a dragon altogether. She developed one particular ability that starts by planting herself upside down in the ground via the two long horns atop her head. Manipulating their movements, she can make her entire body twirl rapidly in circles like a tornado. While good for digging, the power is more for defense, as releasing her wings or tail during her spin can inflict a real headache-inducing bash in undesirables!


Xork spent a good deal of her earlyish childhood alone and without the need to develop her powers immediately. She slowly taught herself to use items she found lying around, fashioning them into tools and weapons. Locating a pointy spear-like object that looked to be of great antiquity, she trained herself to wield it in a manner she imagined would fend off the powers of evil. Later in life, her ability to use and manufacture other armaments gave her an advantage against those that relied on physical capabilities alone.

Prior to the birth of Xork, her egg was dislodged from its hiding place and took an extended tumble down a hill in Dreka. Traveling up and over a large embankment, it bounced off an old mailbox and towards a small white house abandoned since the initial siege of Drakon. Rolling through an open doorway, it came to rest against the leg of a table, bumping over a lamp from above that crashed and closed the entrance behind her. When Xork finally cracked free, she found herself in a large room, dilapidated but with most of the furnishings still intact. There was a walkway to another area to her right, a hallway leading west and a cellar door that seemed to conceal a dark passageway. Not knowing otherwise, she came to believe that the dwelling was the entire world.

Xork didn’t venture out for many Yar, exploring the house and making it her own private universe. With wings that weren’t developed enough to fly, and being too short to look out the windows or reach the doorknob, she couldn’t see anything beyond what was near to the ground. She absolutely never went downstairs, too afraid of what might be lurking in the shadows, making it a goal for when she was brave enough. She found numerous drawings of adult dragons looking like they were doing heroic things and dreamed up fantastic stories about joining them, imagining being similar someday. It wasn’t until another young pup found the house while exploring, pushing open the door from the outside and scaring poor Xork nearly to death, that she ever knew there was more to Fyra Oyer. Eventually convinced to leave the only place that was home to her, she grabbed her little sword, an old Juni-Leaf lantern she had repaired, and tied a small tablecloth around her neck, as she felt it looked heroic. She then departed the cottage, ready to become the adventurer she’d always fantasized becoming!

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