Thorneapple the Unsavory

LAND: Vatten, possibly Dreka (rumored)

SEX: Female

Thorneapple the Unsavory is a water-based beast that travels the waves in the Sea of Vatten, spending much time under the structure of her namesake, Thorneapple Bridge. She is a dragon of great conjecture, with some unsure if she actually exists. There have been reports of her appearing in multiple forms- at first as a land-based dragon, complete with arms, legs, and paws. Additionally, a younger individual also named Thorneapple disappeared around the same time as her first appearance, though looked much different in appearance.


The first reported appearance of (a version of) Thorneapple the Unsavory came at the same time as Drakon emerged and terrorized much of Drekaland. She appeared as close to him as his General, Phinneas the Donkle, and reveled in their destructive flight towards Haal. Once there, unknown circumstances sent the group to a cave in the Ravening. Phinneas and the Gloom King became trapped beneath the surface, banished to the depths below, and the whereabouts of Thorneapple were unknown for many Yar.


There are many legends as to how the bridge known as Thorneapple Bridge came to be built, but most credit a dragon by the name of Shell. She was a well-known visionary of such structures, creating many across Fyra Oyer, utilizing seashells in great abundance as material. While building the bridge, she reportedly came in contact with Thorneapple, and the two became very close. After subsequently naming the structure after her, Shell tragically disappeared while riding the waves with Thorneapple, an event that affected the already-conflicted beast. At this point, the moniker “The Unsavory” became applied, deeming herself ‘un-save-able,’ though the details of this event have yet to be fully revealed.


When Drakon, Phinneas, and their army of Dark Cave Dragons emerged from Vattenland (destroying it in the process), Thorneapple quickly regained the post at the Gloom King’s side. She was solely responsible for the disappearance of all water-based dragons of Fyra Oyer, relocating them to parts unknown. When the Purge had concluded and Drakon subsequently vanished, she again disappeared to her bridge and the corresponding waves beneath.

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